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Oh hai, Guess who has internet finally?!

 Thursday, 30 September 2010

Yes that is right, I am *back* with a vengence! Although my broadband was supposedly activated around 1pm it took until half 4ish for the little globe icon to appear on my taskbar and then of course I ran downstairs to inform my flatmate in most gleeful tones that WE HAD INTERNET!!! *squees*. We'd been staring at the router and it's pretty little lights for ages just waiting for the stubborn red light (indicating that we were not connected to the internet) to finally turn green. It kept taunting us by flashing green, staying solid green for a second or two and then going back to red. Eventually we thought bugger it and left it alone to just wait for it to take pity on us and give us sweet, sweet internet :P

But anyways, how are we all? It feels as though I've been trapped in the hinterlands for a month even though I've only been sans internet for two weeks - my Youtube subscriptions are a mess, I have over 100 videos to watch and god knows when I'm going to have time to do that when I have my Favs Fortnight posts to write (I'll be cracking on with the master post for tomorrow straight after posting this).

I know I said I would post a review of Rules of Attraction on Wednesday but alas on Tuesday night I suddenly found that I couldn't dredge together enough thoughts on the book (past the fact that I did enjoy it a good deal) to make it worth doing a review. Instead I'll just direct you to my dear friend Jess and her marvellous Review - eerily she read it the same weekend I did and cos I was incommunicado she had a lengthy discussion of the book with *my* sister who was the one who'd lent me her copy with the most fervent of orders to get it bloody read! It really does boggle the mind.

Right well this was supposed to be a wee update post but it's rambled on quite a bit. I'm gonna try and get my September Round-Off post done tonight and the first two posts for my Favs event all ready to roll out tomorrow for your perusal.
But my God is it good to be back! *dances*


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