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 Saturday, 25 September 2010

Helloo there! Never fear I am still here although I'm not getting internet until next Thursday so any posts I do will be prepared beforehand in Word or whatever and then when I can get online I'll copy & paste them onto Blogger :)
I'm now all settled into my new flat, after the vaguely rocky start of there being no flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, no oven and a very dirty microwave everything is now hunky-dory and my kitchen is gaw-juss even if the cooker is slightly weird to use (or maybe I'm just bad at operating it). I have the funkiest room in the house cos I'm on the top floor and some of the roof beams are exposed on the sloped bit of my ceiling - yea I have smacked my head a few times already but hopefully I'll get better at dodging a concussion :P
It is so great being back at uni, well I may not be saying that once lectures start but I love being back by the sea. This year our flat isn't actually on the seafront *sad face* but I've got a decent view of the river and the hill in the distance out of my skylight.
On other matters, I've had a pretty awesome week of reading so far but since it's too late to do an It's Monday post I'll do a double edition next week, ditto for IMM. I've made a start on the books I've brough with me for the sole purpose of re-reading them for my "Favourites Fortnight" so I'll be scheduling the reviews for those to go up during the first two weeks of October when I may not be able to read as much while I'm getting into a work routine. I apologise in advance if those reviews consist of excessive amounts of gushing :P
But anyways I hope y'all are doing alright, good luck to any folk who've started Uni/College this year and I hope you have a fantastic time just keep the booze-ups to a sensible number ;) (Says the girl who's writing this with a glass of Pimm's beside her).
Oh and a *massive* thank-you to you fab followers- I noticed the other day when I logged onto my blog for the first time since the 18th that I'd reached 207 followers!! *flabbergasted* It means so much to me that over 200 people are interested in my insane ramblings so cookies all round! Y'all keep being awesome and I'll be back soon. ALSO DON'T FORGET MY BIRTHDAY BONANZA CONTEST IS STILL RUNNING!!


Kittie Howard 26 September 2010 at 00:19  

Your flat sounds great. What beautiful views you have...and this winter when the first snow falls it'll be like a fairytale. (I love looking out at how all turns white and twinkles). Good luck with your studies.

Kare 30 September 2010 at 08:14  

:) I was getting worried you are one of my favoirte bloggers!

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