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My Fav Female Characters

 Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ok I know that the Top Ten Tuesday meme did Favourite Heroines last week but I was going to do this anyways (I may start doing the Top Ten meme at some point), I'm gonna wax lyrical today about some of my fav gals from the books I've read. I don't really know if I'll put them into any kind of ranking since I like them for various different reasons and I don't reckon it'd be fair to rate one higher than another.

Katniss Everdeen
Of course, there's no way that I can have a list of fav characters *without* including the ever ass-kicking Katniss. She's the type of heroine that people would kill to either have as a friend or to actually be in real life. She's got mad skillz with a bow and has survival know-how in buckets. She'd protect her friends and family at any cost, even if you got herself killed in the process. Yea she's not entirely sure of her own emotions but that makes her even more awesome cos we know she's still human and not perfect. I love her most in the Hunger Games since she gets a tad "damaged" in the next two books and get increasingly unstable in her mental state but her essential Katniss-ness is retained.

Hermione Granger
Ah Miss Granger, she's probably the first fictional character that I was deathly envious of since I so badly wanted to be a witch after I read the Philosopher's Stone for the first time. She was the smart, sensible goody-two-shoes who I could really relate to back then (I'm not half so sensible or rule-abiding nowadays). For all she could be a right fuss-pot sometimes she really did kick some ass, or slap some gits i.e. Malfoy, as the series progressed she evolved so much from the bushy-haired prissy little 11 yr old in the first book although she did always keep a little of the snotty attitude for when she got mad at either Harry or more often than not Ron. Bizarrely though I kinda hate Emma Watson in the films - she's just *too* prissy for my liking and frankly I wanted to be Hermione gosh darn it! *stomps foot*

Rose Hathaway
If I ever were to get into a fight where vamps might be involved I'd want Rose on my side cos she seriously knows how to kick the shit outta bad guys and that's always a useful skill to have methinks. She's sassy and totally confident in herself and will take serious offence if someone judges her unfairly - just *try* calling her a blood whore and live. Like Katniss she's fiercely protective although Rose knows her heart much better and will follow it when she feels it is the right course of action. She's also pretty darn sexy and not afraid to flaunt it when the situation demands it. All in all I reckon Rose is sort of the Megan Fox of the fictional world, both guys *and* girls would fancy her :P

Faythe Sanders
Well I don't know how many of y'all read Rachel Vincent's Werecats series but those who do will know how awesome the main character Faythe is in these books. She the feisty daughter of a Werecat Alpha who lives with the heavy burden of being one of a very small number of female werecats who are expected to marry and produce children in the hopes that another tabby will be born to continue the line. Although she can be rather impetuous and sometimes makes rash and irresponsible decisions I do admire her for the spirited attitude and desire to live her own life instead of the restricted existence that the other women of her kind must live because of their importance to the Werecat race. Also she's pretty kick-ass when it comes to working as an enforcer for her Father, oh and she has one of *the* most rugged and bad-ass werecats vying for her affection - Marc Ramos *swoon* (he'll be appearing in my fav male character posts). Faythe definitely has a few issues with authority and responsibility but her heart is in the right place and she does want to do right by her Pride and her Father so it's really going to be a shame when this series ends after the release of Alpha at the start of October cos I think Faythe is such a cool character.

Now since I have 12 characters that I want to mention methinks I'll keep to 4 per post and make it a three-part deal so keep your eyes peeled for the second lot coming soon. Do feel free to tell me in the comments who some of *your* favourite heroines are.


(Bookish)InABox 8 September 2010 at 01:44  

Cool blog mini-series! Hermione is definitely one of my favorites. We share the know-it-all attitude and the hair. :-D

The Golden Eagle 8 September 2010 at 12:51  

I love Hermione! :) I wanted to be her! Still want to be her, actually.

I have to say that Fire (from Fire), Katsa (from Graceling), Hok (from The Five Ancestors), and Sammy Keyes (from Sammy Keyes) are some of my favorite heroines.

The Book Speaker 8 September 2010 at 22:31  

Hermione and Katniss are definitely a few of my favorite female characters!

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