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Booking Through Thursday - Disaster

 Thursday, 9 September 2010

Since it's been several weeks since I've done a BTT post I thought I may as well do it today.

"You've just dropped your favourite out-of-print book in the bathtub, ruining it completely. What do you do now? Booking Through Thursday

Well I reckon that I can say with a fair amount of certainty that this will *never* happen to me for several reasons.
1. I don't really like baths. I'm just more of a shower person since I get terribly bored sitting in a bath for any amount of time (unless I have company :P)
2. I wouldn't read in the bath anyway. I'd be too worried that my own clumsiness would make my book go swimming. Maybe if I purposely bought cheap tatty copies to read in the bath then I would but at the moment, not a chance.
3. My out-of-print books (and I have a *lot* which I really love) would be guarded like the Crown Jewels from any kind of damage since if I do need to replace one of them, the potential cost and difficulty of tracking down another, decent quality copy would be ridiculous.

I have basically everything Tamora Pierce has written to date (barring perhaps a couple of short stories in certain anthologies) and well over half of these books are the UK Scholastic editions which went out-of-print a couple of years ago *boo, hiss*. So now I've gotta conserve these books like they're priceless since there's little to no chance I'll ever come across more copies that don't cost an arm and a leg. It's gonna be hard since Tamora Pierce is my favourite author and I love re-reading her books multiple times. I actually re-read the Protector of the Small Quartet maybe 3 times in a row, back-to-back - I'm *that* addicted to her books.

Now I'll show you what my copies look like cos they really are the funkiest covers ever so you can understand why I don't want to try and replace them ever.

Four top Left - The Immortals Quartet

Four bottom Left - The Protector of the Small Quartet (my fav)

Four top Right - The Circle of Magic Quartet

Four bottom Right - The Circle Opens Quartet

Ain't they all so purdy?

This is my Omnibus of the Song of the Lioness Quartet. This series was the first that Tamora wrote and the starting point of the Tortall universe which also includes the Immortals, Protector of the Small and Daughter of the Lioness books and the new Beka Cooper trilogy - the third book Mastiff is coming out late next year (which IMO is far too far away :P)

On a final *hypothetical* note - What would I do if I did drop my favourite out-of-print book in the bath? Erm probably scream bloody murder and then sob my heart out for several weeks ;-)

Have a Great Thursday Folks


aLmYbNeNr 9 September 2010 at 15:49  

I've never read those, but they ARE super beautiful!!

Ellie 10 September 2010 at 21:26  

Such gorgeous covers! The only one I've ever seen is a tatty 'Point' version - not good. And I'm not a fan of baths either - I get so bored and the water just goes cold - so I'm with you on this one...

Sabrina,  16 September 2012 at 09:24  

Hi :)
I know this post is old already and my question might seem totally unimportant to you or all your other readers. But can you please show us how the spines of all these beautiful books look when they're in the bookshelf?
I want to buy the "Protector of the Small"-Series. Of course I buy books because of the good story, but there are so many different cover-designs for this series... so I want to choose the most beautiful one. xDD I know it sounds strange but for me, it's very important.
If you would do that, I would appreciate it very much. :)

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