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Update for September 2015!
So erm, hi? I vanished again for a while and now here I am again taking tentative steps back into the blogging paddling pool.
I updated the photo here since I've not had long flowing locks for over a year now although I promise you I do *not* look as well put together as this new photo implies. It's a work-in-progress what can I say?

2015 Ray is still sort-of a student except this time I'm only starting one OU module in October although it's a higher level one so there'll still be much finger-chewing to come. What this'll do to my reading over the next few months is an excellent question but as I have got an extreme backlog of books that I've read this year I could probably fill this blog with belated reviews forever and not read anything new.

But it won't all be reviews, I have several author events to talk about, some discussion-esque things I might try and the impending 25th Birthday O_O. Which from the looks of things so far is going to be almost entirely Harry Potter-themed. MAGIC.

You'll still find me haunting twitter all day. So if I'm not posting here, go pester me there.


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