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Covers So Lovely We'd Lick Them #8

 Thursday, 17 February 2011

Covers So Lovely We'd Lick Them!
The new feature co-created and co-hosted by LadyViolet and Jess hearts books where we show off a book cover which we find so damn scrumptious that we'd actually be willing to lick it!
Every week we each pick a different cover so be sure to check both blogs!

Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus
Dude have I ever told you guys how much I love green eyes? This is the UK cover which will be coming out on the 10th of May and by heck is it gorgeous! The eye colour totally pops and there's a cool kinda netting veil-thing around the face and damn is it just infinitely more interesting to look at than the US cover! (Just Sayin'). Also the title font is pretty funky to boot.

The story itself sounds vair interesting with a good dollop of supernatural mystery and danger so this is certainly gonna be on my to-buy list when May rolls around.

So that's the Cover I'm drooling over this week, go to Jess's Blog to check out what cover she's lovin' this Thursday!



Liz. R 20 February 2011 at 17:06  

Ooh, I agree, that is a very lovely cover. I have the US one, but I think I prefer this. Go UK! Normally I don't like our covers as much, but I'm very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

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