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Book Review - Still Sucks to be Me

 Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I really ought to have done this ages ago but my review writing skillz (if I ever had any) deserted me for a while. To make things slightly easier on myself I decided to review this book via vlog so apologies for my bedraggled appearance.

Title: Still Sucks to be Me
Author: Kimberly Pauley
Date: 11/12/2010 PM
Source: Bought
Description: With vampire boyfriend George and best friend Serena by her side, Mina thought she had her whole life—or rather afterlife—ahead of her. But then Mina’s parents drop a bomb. They’re moving. To Louisiana. And not somewhere cool like New Orleans, but some teeny, tiny town where cheerleaders and jocks rule the school. Mina has to fake her death, change her name, and leave everything behind, including George and Serena. Not even the Vampire Council’s shape-shifting classes can cheer her up. Then Serena shows up on Mina’s doorstep with some news that sends Mina reeling. Mina may look a lot better with fangs, but her afterlife isn't any less complicated! (Description Taken from Goodreads)

My Review
**Warning Spoilers for the first book are kind of inevitable because I need to explain some things so the second book makes sense**

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Also if you're interested there is a competition currently running on Roots in Myth for a *signed* copy of Still Sucks to be Me! It's only open until Midnight Wednesday 22nd of December so enter NOW! The link takes you to the post where all you need to do to enter is follow the blog and comment on the post! It's also INTERNATIONAL *yay!!!*

That's all for now folks I shall hopefully be back soon with another review to liven up this somewhat-neglected place *looks around mournfully*
Ciao for now!


Kimberly Pauley 21 December 2010 at 16:21  

Glad you liked it :) I hope to write a third book as well! Though now I've relocated to London, so I need to find a new part time Nanny for The Max so I can write!

The Golden Eagle 21 December 2010 at 18:44  

Thanks for the review! I read the first book and was wondering about the sequel . . .

Liz. R 21 December 2010 at 22:09  

Ooh, great review! I didn't even know there was a sequel to Sucks to Be Me (which I loved!), so I'm now very excited. I hope to be able to read this soon! Thanks :).

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