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Book Review - The Forbidden Game

 Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Wednesday! Since I don't really do memes on Wednesday I'm gonna try and make sure I get a review up instead so there's at least *something* going on here for y'all to look at :)

I know I said I was reading just Dystopian fiction up until next Wednesday when *holy crap* Mockingjay is coming out but I read this book last Thursday and I wanted to review it before I forgot about it.

Title: The Forbidden Game
Author: L.J. Smith
Date: 12/8/2010 AM
Source: Bought
Description: It all started with a board game. But what was supposed to be an evening of friends, fun, and games, becomes a night of danger, drama, and obsessive love. Because when Jenny and her friends try to play the Game, it comes to life. Suddenly they are in a dark world where Julian, the gorgeous guy who sold Jenny the game, rules as Prince of the Shadows. Julian is in charge, making their darkest nightmares reality. And he will do anything to claim the beautiful Jenny as his prize. The Game is real, and these friends must play through - and the only way to win is to face their most secret fears. To lose the Game is to lose your life. And that is only the beginning... (Description from Amazon)

My Review: It's a vlog sorry and a tad non-sensical but I hope it's useful.

My Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Another very enjoyable read from L.J. Smith and I'm really quite glad that they've reprinted all of her books cos she's someone I missed out on back in the 90's when they were originally published. Now the bloody publishers just need to get their act together and get Strange Fate released already!! Surely it can't still be unfinished?!?

Anyways have a great Wednesday y'all.


John Smith 18 August 2010 at 08:33  
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Smith 18 August 2010 at 08:34  

Hi Lady Violet! I have an award for you!

The Golden Eagle 18 August 2010 at 12:33  

I didn't like the Vampire Diaries, but this sounds interesting. I want to know what the characters find out about themselves. :)

Aleksandra 19 August 2010 at 20:19  

I still haven't read any of her books, so I might start with this one :)

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