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Nanowrimo Day 9

 Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hey there folks! It's Tuesday night and I'm freezing my keister off. I don't know when Wales decided that it was in the Arctic circle but it's suddenly got *very* cold around here. I'm tempted to sleep wearing at least two pairs of socks, a hoodie and maybe my dressing gown as well. Not to mention the hot water bottle that I'm gonna refill soon (I've been sat with it in my lap while I've been writing).

But anyway today has been much better on the Nano front (although it was rather shitty when you consider that I spent 6 hours trying to get back to Uni when it should have taken less that 5- trains are so easily thwarted by hills and leaves). I had plenty of time to write on the train once I switched, I just read on the first part of the journey cos it was gonna be a faff to get everything out when I was only gonna be on the train for less than an hour. So I got my laptop out once I changed trains and typed happily until the battery died - unfortunately my laptop has a pretty short battery life even on its power saver option so I had to switch to my notebook after an hour or so.

All in all today I wrote 2,226 words and finished Chapter 5 *happy dance*. My overall word count is now 15545 so I'm not behind so badly anymore!! I'm gonna try and rack up maybe 6K over the next two days to give myself the word cushion for when I have <1K days again.

But now I'm gonna read a while (I picked up As You Wish by Jackson Pearce earlier and I've gulped through chunks of it already). Hope everyone had a productive Tuesday and Goodnight!


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