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Nanowrimo Day 3

 Thursday, 4 November 2010

I keep getting the mad urge to do some kind of vlog and starting off by saying "It's Day 3 in the Nanowrimo house and Rachel is finding things tough" all in the Geordie Big Brother voice y'know? I may yet give in to my childish side and do it :P

But yea today has been a little hard going, I didn't actually start writing until this afternoon when I met one of my fellow student Nanoers (and fellow Nerdfighter as luck would have it) in the Arts Centre and we spent a good hour and half scribbling and plonking on keys respectively. When I got home I had to spend a bit of my precious writing time typing up my hand-written pages. I know it would make more sense to roughly count the words and just carry on typing from where I finished on paper but I literally cannot count words by hand because I jump numbers without realising and everything gets muddled.

I've finished Chapter 2 now but it is Chapter 3 which is giving me a bit of grief. It's not a particularly interesting scene (for me anyway and Celestine sure ain't enjoying it) but I have to show it so obviously my lack of enthusiasm has slowed my progress. I want to get this chapter out of the way though cos Chapters 4 and 5 are *waaay* more fun cos hell there's gonna be sex, booze and EXPLOSIONS! *wheezy wink*

So although I didn't get quite as much written as I'd hoped I still made it past the minimum target and my overall word count is now at 6326 *sleepy happy dance*

Tomorrow I want to have Chapter 3 *done* and maybe most of Chapter 4 as well. Word-wise I'm thinking 8500ish cos I've been averaging 2000 words a day so far. Here's hoping!

Night folks!


brandileigh2003 4 November 2010 at 05:37  

Hang in there! I think it is awesome you have a writing buddy! Mine is 2 years old and wants to distract me more than anything :)

Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

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