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Nanowrimo Day 15- Half Way Point!

 Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Well dang... we're now half-way through November! I dunno bout other folk but this month seems to be going much slower than October, maybe that's just cos I'm absorbed in my writing so time seems to be getting gloopier. Most likely the second November ends the whole world will start whirring at top speed and I'll end up splatting straight into Christmas.

I know that loads of people are feeling all christmassy already but dude I can't think that far ahead I'm more concerned about the precipice I'm creeping closer to everyday! That being that I've only outlined to the end of Chapter 11 and I'm half-way through Chapter 9 now! *gulps* So unless I take a day off from working on the story to outline at least briefly the next four or five chapters I'm gonna come to a grinding halt just after I hit 30K or thereabouts.

Today has not been terribly productive since my classes started up again after Reading Week (or Doss week as it should be known). But I have in the last hour or so managed to get at least 1K written. Earlier I finished the outline of Chapter 11 but didn't have the energy to carry on past there.

So at the half-way point of the month I am rather happy to have 27,234 words! If I can keep this up I may finish a day or two before the 30th! *crosses fingers*

Well it's once again rather late, I'm not gonna make the mistake tonight of picking up a book after finishing at 1am like I did yesterday. Yes the book I read was really intriguing and quirky, not to mention set in Paris (does it count as research?) but I don't think I should have read it all in one go :S

Bonne nuit mes amies


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