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NanoWriMo Day 1 update

 Monday, 1 November 2010

Hey y'all Captain Exhausted here.
Since I was up rather late last night starting NaNo I am obviously fecking knackered now. But I don't suppose I helped matters when I gave blood this afternoon - my joints are all achy although weirdly I don't get at all light-headed. So since I have finished my first chapter *happy (tired) dance* I am now going to bed. At the *Very* old lady-like time of 9pm.

But I have written 2,109 words today, not as much as some uber speedy folk who've churned out nearly 5,000 or something equally impressive but enough to satisfy my fears that it'd be insanely hard to manage the recommended daily total of 1667 words. If I can write another 2K tomorrow and every day for the rest of this week then I should have a nice cushion built up going into second week when I may get slightly distracted by my lovely boyfriend (who is also doing Nano so we can pester each other to write) when I go visit him during my reading week.

Cos y'all are fab I shall now give you a wee look at my first chapter of One Night in Sous-Paris 

She gasped frantically as the real world dragged her back to wakefulness. The dream had been getting progressively darker and she felt her life almost draining away, she couldn't breathe.
Celestine opened her eyes, shaking in terror of feeling like she'd been smothered. She was met with the exasperating sight of her cat Blaise, who being sat on her chest had most likely been the reason that her dream had taken such a sinister turn. His furry, ginger face was scant inches from hers and from the looks of his outstretched paw it had also been covering her nose until moments ago.
"Tu batard!," Celestine sat up quickly, tumbling the cat backwards. He yowled indignantly and tried to right himself although due his rather rotund body it was proving difficult for him.
"I was hungry and you were going to sleep past your alarm," he whined in the manner that only disgruntled changeling pets can achieve. Having been a warlock earlier in life Blaise was still not entirely happy with his lot as a cat sans opposable thumbs.
Celestine snorted in disgust and threw back her blankets, covering Blaise in a heap of fabric. Her legs were somewhat shaky as the last effects of the nightmare clung to her. She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom calling over her shoulder,
"I was not going to oversleep you ungrateful mangy animal, just you see if I'm going to give you fish for breakfast now!"
The sound of running water drifted out into the bedroom where Blaise was still valiantly struggling to free himself from the bedclothes. Faint mutterings and curses could be heard from within the sheets until eventually the ginger cat poked his head out in an almost owl-like fashion. Still grumbling he leapt off the bed and started scratching on the bathroom door.
"Celestine? I'm sorry. I won't do it again, but please reconsider the fish, I really am hungry"
A low musical laugh could be heard over the sound of the shower and she shouted
"Va te faire foutre!"
Blaise made a sound that can only be described as a cat's attempt at a snort and stalked out of the room, switching his tail back and forth.


The Golden Eagle 1 November 2010 at 21:31  

Congrats on writing so much! :D

I loved reading the part of your chapter.

Marcus Fielder 2 November 2010 at 16:15  

What a great start, I just about managed the target word count. I'm going to have to get more focussed. :)

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