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Nanowrimo Day 14

 Monday, 15 November 2010

Hi Everybody!! As you can already tell by the over-excited use of exclamation marks I am *very* happy today!
As of 1am on Sunday Night/Monday Morning (whichever you prefer) my novel is past the 25K point. *happy dances*

Today has been massively productive in terms of Nano (in other areas not so much :S) I was really excited about writing this particular chapter because it was the one that was easiest to visualise in my head and it's one of the most dramatic scenes in the first third of the book. I wrote over 1K for it yesterday and today I've done nearly another 3K and in record time as well! I was up so insanely late last night that it's a relief to have finished writing so early today! (lol like 1am is *Early*).

So yea as of now my novel is 26,083 words long! Going into this month I never expected to get even as far as 10K let alone 26K so I have to say that I'm thrilled beyond belief to be at this half-way stage. Now I just have to hope that going into the 3rd week I can keep up with my writing and get my Uni work done. I would so hate to have to quit because everything gets too much to handle especially when I'm doing so well for my first year doing Nano.

 A big thanks to the folk who've supported me thus far, let's see if we can take this all the way!
Bring me that horizon!


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