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Nanowrimo Day 13

 Sunday, 14 November 2010

Well bugger me, yea so it's 4am and I just finished writing for "today" supposedly Saturday but since I keep doing most of my writing stupidly late at night it's usually the day after that I should be counting the words towards. But what the heck?

I'm staying up later and later writing and subsequently waking up later and later in the morning, my reading week is pretty much over, I've done little to no work and my sleep pattern is shot to hell - just great really. I am gonna have a bitch of time getting back into the work routine although I think it will improve my chances of getting my word count done before stupid o'clock cos I can write in between classes up on campus. At home I just faff about all day and end up at 9pm with nothing done. Ugh I'm such a lazy git.

So I've now finished Chapter 7 and I'm a good chunk of the way through Chapter 8 (which I've been looking forward to writing - introduction of bad guys and shiz :P). If I can haul my carcass out of bed before noon I may try and get past 25K words and/or finish this chapter so I can do the uni work I have for Monday *sad times*.

I pass out sitting pretty on my 23257 words. I'm satisfied to stay just slightly ahead of the recommended target as I don't want to try and overachieve in my first year. Maybe next year I'll go crazy and aim for more than 50,000 over the month but for now I'm happy if I actually finish and don't quit when my uni work gets too manic :S

Night y'all here's hoping I wake up and stay up


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