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Nanowrimo Day 5 & 6

 Saturday, 6 November 2010

Apologies for not posting yesterday I spent most of the afternoon on a train and was so hideously tired that I only managed just over 1000 words.

Today I fared better. My boyfriend and I spent several hours in various coffee houses working away on both of our Nano stories. Since we got back from dinner I have *finally* managed to get Chapter 3 finished (Yes Jess you can read it when I get round to emailing it :P). In the end it tipped the scales at a beastly 6,144 words - at a later stage I will split it up into two chapters because it's simply too long at the moment.

So now overall I'm at 11,637 words which puts me almost a quarter of the way there! *happy dance*.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get Chapter 4 done (since it's only gonna be a short chapter anyway) and maybe get half-way through Ch. 5 as well.

But anyway I'm beat, night y'all


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