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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Days 23 & 24

 Friday, 25 April 2014

Morning m'noodles! Got a wee bit of updating to do since I wrote nothing on the 23rd but then I wrote ALL THE WORDS last night.

Well to say I wrote nothing on the 23rd is slightly inaccurate - I *thought* some things and I scribbled them down. Technically it was after midnight but since I hadn't slept yet twas still the 23rd :P I was supposed to be trying to get a decent night's sleep since I was meant to be getting up earlyish to go with my parents to the airport so I could bring their car back (they gone pissed off to San Fran WITHOUT THEIR CHILDREN-who-are-in-fact-adults). But of course my stupid-ass brain decided that midnight was a prime time to launch a plot bunny at me that would run rampant when I really wanted to sleep.

I haven't finished my first book yet, I'm maybe over half-way with the first draft but definitely not finished. So it's extremely unhelpful for my brain to keep coming up with ideas for what is going to happen in the 2nd and possibly 3rd book (Originally I had only conceived of it being a duology but the damn bunnies are making that unrealistic) before I am done with the first.

This particular plot bunny was related to one of my secondary characters; the thought occurred to me that I had no idea who this character's family was and where they came from. BAM! Plot bunny had the answer - of course her family are Royals from a neighbouring country! She was married to the previous King (before y'know, he got murdered and shit) so it would make sense that the eligible candidates were either from royalty themselves or very high-ranking nobility.

Super-unhelpful-late-night Plot bunny also gave me the answer as to why this character's family had not apparently thought to inquire about her well-being for the last 25 years since you'd think Royals would be a tad concerned if one of their Princesses just went incommunicado for a couple of decades. After the coup when the King's brother went all Scar and whatnot, he simply decided to tell the Queen's family that she'd been killed during the takeover (purely accidentally of course *sniff, boohoo*) and that left him perfectly able to forcibly marry her off to his pet Duke - cos that's just the kind of scumbag he is.

So somewhere across the sea is a kingdom where this character's family rules from who are blissfully unaware of her survival and the subsequent mistreatment and abuse she suffered at the hands of the Duke (*hackspit*). But following events at the end of book 1 which I won't discuss for OBVIOUS reasons the whole Scooby Gang could always go and enlighten these guys about their beloved daughter/sister's survival and *voila* allies galore!

And that was my plot bunny. Eventually around 1am I did get to sleep but spent much of yesterday being a shleepy grumpasaurus. But after application of tea and noms in the afternoon I did get more lively and then proceeded to wordsprint my way to a very handsome word total.

Yesterday I ended up writing 1,649 words which has put me nicely ahead and taken my overall Camp total over 13K. I only need 1940 words to get to my goal so there's a possibility that I could get away with raising my goal up to 17K to stretch myself a little further.

I also had a rather good twitter night :P I've become one of those vaguely annoying people on twitter who now constantly tweet about their book or stuff related to writing and/or tea. It got me quite a few new followers yesterday which was hilarious and cool as well as a few retweets and favourites (apparently undertones of male flirtiness go down well with folks).

So yea I'm going to go now since I'm meant to be meeting my sister today for therapeutic home store browsing and Cap America watching *longing sigh*.



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