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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Day 11 & 12

 Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bet more than few people got concerned I had just stopped writing again :P

Never fear for I was merely trying to get two last bits of work out of the way before the term finished for Easter. Now that both my French assignment and my TA portfolio are done I can relax and get back to writing my novel!

Taking a week off the book has buggered me up a little bit because I'm now nearly 7K behind where I should be at this point and that's with me lowering my word count to 20K. Plus the scene I'm working on is super-difficult and full of both action and emotion, so that's making it hard to get back into the swing of things.

Friday I got a smidgy bit of writing done (203 words) but yesterday after many hours of walking and garden destruction I actually got 460 words done. Yea I know it's not a massive amount in the grand scheme of things but it's progress.

My Camp Nano Total so far is 3664 words by the end of the 15th I need be on 10K so I have 6,336 words to catch up on. That should mean I have at least this current scene finished and maybe the one after it, which hopefully is more than doable since I have no work for two weeks now :P

I spent quite a bit of time last night trying to find some music to listen to which would actually fit the mood of the scene I was trying to write - surprisingly tricky, but I ripped the CD le boyf bought recently ahead of this concert we're going to in May - Yoshiki Classical (Le boyf is a big fan of X Japan who Yoshiki used to be drummer for, I believe). The CD is all orchestral with some purely instrumental versions of X Japan songs and bizarrely two themes for the Golden Globes which is surprising. But all of it is supremely mind-blowing and epic to have blaring through your headphones, genuinely tingle-inducing to listen to. O_O

Right I have more writing to do this morning, I want/need to get through all the plotting notes I have so far for this scene so I can plan out the fighting bits (possibly in my garden while flailing a sword about).

Hope any campers who may see this are doing well, keep going almost half-way now!


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