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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Days 19 & 20

 Sunday, 20 April 2014

Evenin' chaps! Thought I'd leave it until the end of the day to do my post since there was no point recapping yesterday since I did a measly 102 words. Ze family came round to help le boyf and I to decimate the front garden. It went from an outrageously overgrown litter-trap to a surprisingly large space that has only three plants left alive in it. Five hours of extreme gardening left us all a bit shattered.

But I digress - quelle surprise. I mixed today up a bit by doing some reading in the morning (Devoured Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor so now I can blaze through DoGaM!). Then I carried on with the fight scene I started on Day 17.

Things got a bit emosh as I reached the point where I do my evil writerly thing and kill one of the characters - except I didn't kill him in this scene, he's gonna die in one of my incomplete scenes that I have avoided for nearly two weeks. But it's still rather heart-breaking to write another character's reaction to seeing that dead character. Twas a close call on the tears front - I think I smushed my face a bit I was leaning on my hand so hard while I was writing.

My evening has been typing up the seven pages of hand-written scene, mysteriously adding 100 words along the way because y'all should know I can't *not* edit as I'm typing up. Oh and I forgot to mention that yesterday I lowered my word count goal on the Camp Nanowrimo site again, down to 15,000 words this time. I think this should have been my goal from the start since it's about what I was producing a month on my own before Camp and I think I've been stressing too much from being so far behind on a 20K goal.

Now my stats are looking a fair bit better - my Camp Word Count is  8887 words,  while my overall word count on the novel is up to 48,318 words. I have two incomplete scenes currently standing at a combined total of 2554 words as well as a scene from what will be the sequel to this novel that's 2468 words long.

That's a lot of words. Especially since this is still the first novel I've written that I've got this far with - my 2010 Nanowrimo attempt got just over half the amount I'm currently at so *party poppers* for me! It's by no means finished yet but in terms of Camp I'm two-thirds of the way through the month and I'm now only 1113 words behind where I need to be to finish on the 30th.

Tomorrow I really will try and go back to the DDS, since I've written the bit just after it now I'm hoping I can write up to meet that point from my FMC's POV without sobbing my heart out. *readies mournful music and tissues*

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter (and ate much chocolate), I am now going to flail at Karou and Akiva
*zoops away*


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