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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Day 17

 Friday, 18 April 2014

So yesterday was an odd day at least in terms of my writing. I didn't get all that much done despite my vows to actually get the DDS done. Which frankly for anyone who knows me- that is the least surprising thing you'll have ever heard.

Most of my evening was spent trying to understand what the hell I'd done in order to get a Camp Wordcount that was 1300 words less that what I previously supposed. The first part of that conundrum was quickly solved when I remembered to add in the fourth scene which I wrote on the 2nd day of Camp. But then I had a wordcount which was now 300 words *more* than my Excel Spreadsheet had counted up.

Basically I think the easy solution to this problem is to say that I am an idiot who forgot to update the spreadsheet properly and this in turn mucked up my total. Based off the total on the word document and the bit of handwritten stuff I did yesterday I have 6928 words so far. Still behind by a good chunk but maybe I can sort that out today.

I can't spend much of my evening writing today as we have visitors coming later for movies and wine so gotta try and get as much done this morning/afternoon as I can. Seriously though I am gonna take a stab (oh no poor word choice Ray :S) at getting this DDS scene done or at least make progress with it.

We'll see how well *that* goes.


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