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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Days 13-15

 Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Well I'm doing a rather terrible job of keeping the blog updated while I'm at Camp. Not that my progress has been so remarkable as to warrant daily update post because frankly y'all don't want to hear about the snail-like increases in my word count over the past few days.

In a very eerie turn of events I wrote the exact same amount on Days 13 & 14 as I did yesterday (803 words) so I'm finally over 5,000 words but since I should have been at 10K by the end of yesterday I've got a way to go. If I still want to hit 20,000 words by the 30th I'm going to have to pick up the pace.

Part of why I got so bogged down over these past five days is because the scene I'm working on a particularly tricky one that demands a lot of emotion that I have really struggled to inject into it. My progress was so sluggish that on Monday I decided to try something nutty and started hand-writing a scene that isn't even going to be in this book. It's possibly going to end up as one of the first scenes in the second book and I've really enjoyed working on it, despite the fact that I should probably concern myself with the beginning to Book 1 before Book 2 but hey-ho.

Today I will probably do some more on the Book 2 scene until it reaches a nice end point. Then I may look at going back to the DDS (Dreaded Death Scene as I shall henceforth call it) or possibly skip to one of the scenes directly after it. I may find it easier to write the aftermath of the event than the actual event itself.

But I may have to head out into the garden again because the sun is so lovely that I ought to soak up some rays before the plumber comes to fix my kitchen tap (so I can finally do the dishes).



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