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Writing Ray - Camp Nanowrimo Day 16

 Thursday, 17 April 2014

Afternoon my petals, I know it's a bit late to be writing about yesterday's Camp activities especially since I've written nothing so far today. But I spend a delightful few hours this morning frantically re-reading a Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor ahead of the arrival of my beauteous signed copy of Dreams of Gods & Monsters (Look at all the pretty on my Instagram). So I have that to look forward to once I've got somewhere with this Scene of Doom or Dramatic Death Scene as I have otherwise been calling it.

But in recap of yesterday, as you will know over the past few days I have rebelling at Camp, more than I already am by carrying on with a novel that I'd started before April. Rather than continue to slog fruitlessly at a scene, I skipped ahead a bit... into the next book and started writing a scene.

Last night I finished that scene. It ended up being 6 hand-written pages and 2500 words, over 1K of which were written just last night. I'm pretty happy with it and I think it's been really helpful to write as it gave me some insight into how my MC is going to be affected by the events that are happening at the end of the first book. Knowing what her mindset is and what she is feeling a few weeks after the fact will be very useful things to know for when I actually write them taking place. I should have a better understanding of what her initial, visceral reaction will be in the moment.

I know the reaction is going to be fueled by pain and grief and a little bit of betrayal (of the "how dare you leave me here without you" kind). Now thanks to my awful realisation while in the shower a little while ago I also know that my MC is going to be wracked with guilt at having a hand in bringing about the death itself.

Well done Ray, torture her some more and make it even more heart-breaking to write. Y'bitch...

*sighs* So yes I will soon have to be writing that and my poor Alpha Jess will have to avoid reading it for as long as possible until I have something nicer for her to read. I'M SORRY OK? *offers chocolates*

Yours Evilly


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