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 Saturday, 22 January 2011

Aft'noon all I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know about some things that you may have only noticed if you were staring at my sidebars yesterday and also to ask you lovely people for some assistance.

First off, as most people know this weekend is Bloggiesta but as you can see by the lack of update posts I am not officially signed up, *however* I have been doing a few housekeeping tasks about the Library in the spirit of Bloggiesta. Nothing too major like layout change because I am very much attached to my header and the whole rigmarole of finding another design that I really love and installing it properly would be rather tedious.

I've got all my reading lists up-to-date with links to reviews and you can find them either by looking at the Pages section just at the top of the left sidebar (I would love to have them across the top of my blog but alas there is no tab functionality with this design), or by scrolling down past the list of favourite authors (now with links to the author's websites) where there's a simplified list of the books I've read so far in 2011.

On the opposite sidebar I haven't done much, just added the button to the third reading challenge I've signed up for - British Books Challenge and down-sized my blog roll to just the UK bloggers I follow although I will add a list of some of my favourite International Bloggers at some other time.

One thing I want to announce is that I shall no longer be accepting awards on this blog. Although I am very grateful to all the people who have left me comments telling me I have an award over on their blogs, I simply don't have the time or energy to scour through my blog reader finding umpteens more blogs to pass them on to. I've not actually done an awards post in months but I thought I'd best make it official so that folk know not to pass them on to me anymore.

Another thing I want to announce is that I'm thinking of putting myself on a book buying ban for at least 3 months and making a feature out of it during February with the tentative title of Frugal February. Basically I want to not buy any books be they new or second-hand for at least a whole month and dedicate myself to reading only from my bookshelves since my TBR pile has probably crested 200 books now. So I'm making a plea for Guest Bloggers to contribute their plans for keeping to their book buying bans, reading Off the Shelf, or just budgeting themselves wisely enough to be able to buy the essential books.

So if anyone wants to contribute to this feature then please email me with a possible post subject to libraryofladyviolet(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to have 3 or 4 people sharing their opinions on book buying bans and I want to make this feature actually last the whole month (unlike my Favs Fortnight :S)

That's all for now folks!


Paula 23 January 2011 at 00:19  

great idea I contacted you about the book buying ban which I think is a great idea might give me a chance to catch up with my tbr piles.

DarkAngel (DA)

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