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Book Blogger Hop #12

 Friday, 14 January 2011

Well dang it's been a while since I've done a hop! And since I don't know what else I ought to be doing this Friday afternoon (I really *should* be doing something though) I thought I'd go hopping for the first time since early November.

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books where bloggers can post their links and hop around nearly 200 different blogs, meet new people, and find fab new blogs to follow.

Every Week a question is asked of the Hoppers; this week the Question is:
Why do you read the Genre you do? What draws you to it?
I tend to read predominantly YA fiction with smatterings of Adult Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Classics here and there. I think that my reading has been influenced by a desire to escape the real world and to stay as far from it as I could. That's why I love High Fantasy novels which don't resemble our modern world in the slightest. I still really like Urban Fantasy but for a true escapist it's just not far enough from reality. The fact that I read YA is because it's what I can relate to - hell I'm only 20 but I reckon that even when I'm 25 I'll still be reading YA since most literary fiction and chick-lit has never appealed to me because I can't relate to the characters and how much I like a book is heavily based on my feelings about the characters. 

So come on into the Library! Sit yourselves down and make yourself at home! Peruse the shelves, have a drink whatever you fancy! There's a lot here you can have a nosy at, I'm trying harder this year to review more books since last year's ratio of books read:books reviewed was pathetic. A new review went up just this morning - The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, if Epic Fantasy is your thing then check it out!

I hope you enjoy your visit to the library, if you want to come back again then please comment and follow!
Thank you muchly


Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 16:58  

I have a tough time with high fantasy novels (all the names) but I do love urban fantasy and all things YA - and reading is totally an escape. It's wonderful.

Happy Hop Day!

Megan @ Read It, See It

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 19:57  

*gasp* I'm making a penguin smile! :D

Stopping by through the Hop! I agree, I love YA because it is so character-driven. I love me some good characters :)

I'm a new follower!


Howard Sherman 14 January 2011 at 22:39  

Here I am hopping on by...

I went all over the map with this question on my blog. I read and enjoy almost every genre of fiction out there. There’s no way I could just pick one.

So I talked about all of them. Even romance fiction (sort of)! I invite you to hop over to my blog at and see for yourself.

Howard A. Sherman

Emma Michaels 15 January 2011 at 01:08  

Happy Follow Friday! I am a follower!

Emma Michaels
The Thirteenth Chime

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 02:02  

Hi, I'm here from the blog hop. What a lovely blog you have! YA fantasy is my favorite genre. I'm subscribing with my Wordpress reader :)

aLmYbNeNr 15 January 2011 at 03:52  

I read a lot of YA too but also HistFic. And pretty much anything that catches my eye. This is my first time participating the Hop and it's pretty exciting!

Justine 15 January 2011 at 18:18  

Ooh Urban Fantasy. I've never tried that before, I don't think. But I do love YA :)

Elizabeth 19 January 2011 at 03:11  

Beautiful header...first-time visitor.

A little late, but hopping by. :)


Kristin 20 January 2011 at 16:57  

New follower! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!

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