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 Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Basically I've had to cut my Favourites Fortnight event short since my workload for Uni has hit me like a ton of bricks along with a bitching cough and I'm knackered a lot of the time so the pressure of churning out reviews in that short amount of time has just got too much and I literally can't write my thoughts on these books right now.

I don't know if I will get round to doing reviews for Trickster's Choice, Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the Time Traveler's Wife any time soon but they're not gonna be appearing before the end of this week for definite. I've not even re-read Atonement yet so there was no way I could keep to my originally scheduled review date of erm Today... *awkward*.

With everything being all crazy-stressful right now I've just not got the energy to read or to even blog that much, I know I missed doing my usual It's Monday post although that was partly because I saw no point of reporting that I'd only read 2 books since October started. I have actually read two fab books in the past two days - Angel by L.A. Weatherly and Paranormalcy by Kiersten White but I stayed up pretty late to do it and I paid for it this morning when I missed my first class (first time this year although certainly not the last :P) because I was so tired.

I don't want to go on hiatus cos I do still want to blog although with how little I'm reading I've not got anything to post by way of reviews, or Monday posts so I may just resort to rambling posts about the prep work I'm doing for this Year's Nanowrimo (which I'm insane enough to actually attempt with my workload :S). It's the main thing that's occupying my mind right now other than uni and I kinda want to share my thoughts with you guys. Plus when November actually arrives I'm gonna need a posse of cheerleaders to get me through Nano with some sanity left *hehe*

So I hope that folk are not too narked that I said I was gonna review all 8 books and then only managed half that amount. I will be posting up Ellie's review later today and then tomorrow I'll do a post explaining what the fandazzle is going on with my Nano idea (I'm hoping you're gonna like it).

Also thank you to everyone who commented wishing me a Happy Birthday, the day itself was pretty meh but I partied myself silly on Saturday night at the Student Union's Back-to-School event *shudders* waaay too many guys in skirts :P

*loves and huggles*


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