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Book Review - Shiver

 Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good evenin' folks although I do have like 7 other books that I should be reviewing *before* these two I thought I'd get my thoughts down while they're still relatively fresh in my mind. Last week I re-read Shiver so that when Linger arrived I would have all the details clear since it'd been a while since I read it for the first time. Both these reviews will be shortish but I can't guarantee that they'll be spoiler-free, I will try to flag up anything majorly spoilery but I'm a bit dippy sometimes and the odd thing may pass me by - apologies in advance if I do miss anything.

Title: Shiver
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Date: 26/7/2010 AM
Source: Bought
Description: For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can't seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human ... until the cold makes him shift back again. 

Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human--or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: I think it's safe to say that no matter how many times I re-read this Maggie's writing will still be unbelievably beautiful and Sam Roth will *still* be the sweetest, most gentle-hearted guy in YA literature. Honestly he is one of my favourite male characters ever (Of course that list is also occupied by Valek, Alex Fuentes and most of Tamora Pierce's Tortall guys), he's kind, he's funny, he loves books and poetry for pete's sake! If there's one criteria that guys *need* to fulfill for me to like them then it's gotta be an interest and/or passion for books- which is why I love my bf to smithereens he's a nerd and doing a degree in English Literature ergo he is amazing. But I digress. 

What I really love about the paranormal side of Shiver (the other side being the love story between Sam and Grace) is how wonderfully unique Maggie's werewolf mythology is - most other books I've read with werewolves in have had the moon being a catalyst for shifting or some other supernatural creature *coughtwilightcough* etc. The idea of the werewolves being human when it's warm and there being no need for thick werewolf fur and shifting back when it gets really cold again is really cool and interesting and it actually makes sense, sort of.

Now the actual love story itself is *so* sweet, beginning from that fateful night when Grace was attacked by the wolves (first chapter so not really spoilerish) to when they actually meet for the first time as the same species. Ok so they've never really interacted over the intervening 6 years but they've both been thinking about each other which does count in my opinion. I absolutely adored the hot chocolate scene and I frankly awwed along with the shop girl at what Sam said (I'm deliberately being vague to get non-initiates curious) there seriously needs to be more guys like Sam in this world *ponders cloning machine*.

Overall I loved this book, it's romantic, lyrical and the ending actually brings a tear to my eye (no word of a lie), I was dying to read the second book after I finished it the first time so I was really glad that I actually could read Linger right away this time. The characters are fascinating although I would love to know where Grace's stoicism comes from cos heck knows her parents are pretty fluffy in the head so it's not from them. Isabel I really liked despite her frequent bitchiness and attitude problems. It is a shame that we don't get to meet more of the wolves in human form cos it'd be nice to see the pack interact in the present rather than through Sam's memories of summers gone by. But other than that one quibble I really couldn't find fault with this book and I frankly would recommend this series to everybody cos it's one of *those* books that you want to pass around like it's scripture (no blasphemy intended). 

My Rating: 5 Stars out 5!!

Ok since this post will already be really long I will do the review for Linger in a separate post tomorrow. Eep it's nearly Friday already and it's almost August as well! Heck where's my summer going? *befuddled*



Teaser Tuesdays #9

 Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Howdy folks, with any luck I'll actually be awake when this posts but I'm preparing it the night before in case of parental intervention. I had to hide my laptop under my quilt this morning to do my It's Monday What are you reading post so I'd rather not be forced to resort to covert tactics again tomorrow.

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should be Reading. Anyone can play along, just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • Share the title and author too so other TT participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teaser!
My Teaser
"You thought I was Sean." The little dolphin was smiling, enjoying my discomfort too much for my taste.
"No, I didn't." I made an effort to slow down my breathing through nose or mouth. My bosom was heaving, I tell you. I had a heaving bosom!
page 78 of The Boys next Door by Jennifer Echols

I've already finished the first book in this bind-up and I'm partway through the second book - Endless Summer. It's a wonderfully summery romance with all the comedic awkwardness of first love. Jennifer Echols is just a fabulous author and I really wish this book didn't actually belong to my sister cos I wants it :P

Well what Teaser's have y'all got today?


In My Mailbox #14 - The one that was really late

 Monday, 26 July 2010

Well hello, I know it's Monday and I should have done this yesterday but you'll forgive me since the books I ordered last sunday only arrived this morning. Ugh Amazon really does get on my nerves sometimes, last year I pre-ordered a book I really wanted and it arrived the day after it's release but when I ordered Linger (amongst other books) last week it wasn't dispatched until the 22nd and that's just irritating! *sigh* but the books are here now which is what counts.

In My Mailbox is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Kristi @The Story Siren and was inspired by a post from Alea @Pop Culture Junkie

I did a vlog to show all the pretty covers but Youtube has done that also incredibly irritating trick of knocking the sound out of sync with the video so there is like a 3 second delay between me saying something and my face actually moving *facepalm*. But what the heck I couldn't be bothered to re-record it.

Books I acquired last (this) week
Linger by Maggie Stiefvater - *squee!*
Shift by Rachel Vincent
Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan
Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris
The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith

I'm kinda hoping I'll be able to get some more books this week, at least one anyway cos Sundays are bare without my IMM post- egads I'd have to post a review or something! *snicker*
Anyway have a nice week folks and happy reading!


It's Monday What are you Reading (8)

Gah I've gotta hurry and post this before my dad catches me since I've been banned from my laptop today since the parentals are annoyed that I spend half my day asleep and the rest of it either on my computer or reading. Admittedly they have a point but I need to get my blog posts done or I'll be antsy all day.

It's Monday What are you Reading? Is a weekly bookish meme where we get together to share what books we've read in the past week, what books we're currently reading and what new books we're planning on reading in the coming week along with any reviews or interesting posts. It's hosted by Sheila @One Person's Journey through a World of books.

Books I read Last Week
The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (Review Coming Soon)
Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Review maybe coming soon- I haven't decided)
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (Review Coming Soon)

Books I reviewed Last week
Dreamland by Sarah Dessen -Finally!! Review Here

Books I'm Currently Reading
Guitar Girl by Sarah Manning - I've put it down for a bit but I may get back to it this week

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols - I've finished the first half and will start the second soon

Books I'm Planning on Reading this Week
LINGER!!! by Maggie Stiefvater - Just because I now can! (you'll realise why later)

The Rest of my week is currently not thought out past that so you'll have to wait and see :D

I also did a post earlier this week asking you lovely people to help me out with some book recommendations for my younger sister (15). She has asked me to compile a list of YA Realism books that she should read and since my collection of those type of books is limited I asked for some help from my fellow book addicts. When I say YA Realism I mean nothing Paranormal or Fantastical- I'm asking for your Elizabeth Scotts, your Susan Colasanti, your Jennifer Echols and Simone Elkeles recommendations y'know?
The Form to submit your recommendations is Here

Thank y'all very much in advance for any recs you can give me and do let me know what awesome books you're gonna be reading this fine Monday.



Book Review - Dreamland

 Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's been like for-evah since I did a book review and I apologise for being such a failcake. I know I should do more reviews than I do now because I read at least two or three books a week so I should be churning out the reviews! *sigh*

Title: Dreamland
Author: Sarah Dessen
Date: 13/7/2010 AM
Source: Borrowed
Description: Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads and brilliant green eyes, had seemed to Caitlin to be an open door. With him she could be anybody, not just the second-rate shadow of her older sister, Cass. But now she is drowning in the vacuum Cass left behind when she turned her back on her family's expectations by running off with a boyfriend. Caitlin wanders in a dream land of drugs and a nightmare of Rogerson's sudden fists, lost in her search for herself. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review: This was the last book of Sarah's which I hadn't read due to the egregious failure of her UK publishers which meant that when all her other books were reprinted last year with gorgeously funky covers Dreamland for some bizarre reason was left out. *confusion* So when Jess and I met up earlier last week she very kindly brought her copy for me to read while she was here. I devoured it within two hours but was so shellshocked by the end that I couldn't actually write up my reading journal entry afterwards. This was *nothing* like any of Sarah's other books, while they do all deal with serious issues i.e. divorce, teen pregnancy, rape etc. the experiences that Caitlin was going through felt so much more real and visceral that you get a clear look into what being in an abusive relationship is like for the girl on the inside. 

Caitlin is one of those girls who doesn't know quite who she is, as she's been compared to her older sister Cassandra all her life and has never had the chance to create her own identity separate from her. So when the story begins after Cass has ran away Caitlin suddenly has the opportunity to re-invent herself as the bold, new girl who goes out with edgy, dreadlocked guys like Rogerson (which I have to admit is a bit of a daft name- sorry). 

At first Rogerson seems fairly normal, yes he has some dubious habits involving drugs  but that doesn't immediately make him a villain because he treats Caitlin well when they first get together. He seems quite intense with his insane knowledge of trivia and his "never, ever be late" rule but you wouldn't immediately suspect his true nature.

The deceptive image of Rogerson even fools the reader for a while (unless of course you read the description above), so when he hits Caitlin for the first time it really does shock you with its suddenness and ferocity. Later on when you find out how his dad treats him you can understand why he discharges his own shame and anger onto Caitlin but of course this in *no* way excuses his actions it just makes him seem human, slightly. 

This is not the happy, summery, coming-of-age style of story that Sarah Dessen usually writes and I've seen some reviews that wonder why Caitlin didn't just tell someone and get out. I can't make any judgement on Caitlin because I've never been in her situation but I imagine that the mixture of fear and affection for the person who is simultaneously loving and hurting you makes it very hard to escape the vicious cycle of violence and subsequent apology that Caitlin goes through in Dreamland.

I can't say that I enjoyed reading this, since it's not a book to enjoy as such - it's a book that demands reading for the learning experience so that maybe another girl can avoid her own Rogerson. Sarah's writing makes for a painfully real read which is enlightening yet horrifying at the same time and I was honestly close to tears when I finished. 

So if Dreamland is the Dessen book that you've avoided because you've heard it was depressing, I urge you to pick it up anyway. True it's not a happy book but there is hope for Caitlin at the end and hope is what's needed to help girls like her to move on with their lives after such a traumatic experience. Even you don't know someone who's been in an abusive relationship, read Dreamland so that if you ever *do* meet someone you will be able to understand what hell they've been through and help them recover as they'll need all the support and understanding available to them.

*massive hugs* - for anyone who needs them.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5 

This has been one of the hardest reviews to write and has probably taken nearly 2 weeks but I hope the result is not disappointing to anyone.

Sorry for making you wait


Move along, Nothing to see here...

Yea Sorry but there's no IMM post from me this week since Amazon FAILS!!! I ordered 5 books including *omfg* LINGER on the freaking 18th and they've *still* not arrived!! I'm probably not gonna get them until Monday or Tuesday at the latest which really naffs me off so they'll be appearing in next week's IMM instead of this one. Hmph! So in the meantime I'll try and get some goshdarnit reviews done!!

Have a great Sunday Folks


Book Blogger Hop #5/Follow my book blog Friday #2

 Friday, 23 July 2010

Well I wasn't gonna do the Hop today because I feel insanely tired and I really should do some chores round the house but what the heck, I'll go a-hopping through some blogs later tonight and over the weekend since it doesn't have to be right now.

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event where book bloggers get together to meet new people and find new blogs they've never seen before. It's hosted by Jennifer @Crazy for Books.

But of course I shall, I'm about 50 pages into The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols. My sister having a moment of pure awesomeness ordered the Endless Summer bind-up off amazon and when it arrived proceeded to blackmail me into doing some washing-up before giving it to me. I've now realised that I will do pretty much anything if you say you'll give me a book afterwards :P.
Oh yea the Boys Next Door is very enjoyable so far, it's not as intense as Forget You but since it's supposed to be a cute summery novel that's fine. I'm already Team Adam :P

Follow my Book Blog Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View
Here are her simple rules for Follow Friday
To join the fun and make now book blogger friends, just follow these simple rules:
  1.  Follow the Follow My Book Blog Friday Host { } and any one else you want to follow on the list
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  4.  Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say hi in your comments
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  7.  If you want to show the link list, just follow the link below the entries and copy and paste it within your post! 

So Howdy to anyone coming from either event, feel free to comment, follow, dance whatever. I'll be hopping around a bit later once my house is less of a mess :S

Happy Hopping!


Writer's Block Blues

 Thursday, 22 July 2010

I have a problem. I have like a shit ton of reviews that I *really* should write before all my lovely followers get sick to the back teeth of me promising to post reviews but then not doing it. I can't remember the last time I posted a book review, seriously I think it's been that long. It's not that I'm not reading, sheesh look at the list now on my left sidebar - I've read 119 books so far this year and I ain't done yet. But I am finding it freaking impossible to write a decent, coherent review of anything I read.


I want to write, really I do and I can put together in my head things I want to say but when it comes down to actually manifesting those thoughts into words my brain suddenly packs in and turns to mush. It's driving me insane, the last 7 books I've read are ones that I would actually post a review for (some of the books I read are not YA so I'd probably not review them on this blog) but finding the time and energy to actually think about and write down what I liked and disliked about each book in a way that's even slightly helpful to others is ridiculously hard right now. It's not helped by the fact that while I'm at home for the summer I have the stress of trying to maintain the secrecy of the blog/youtube channel from the parentals because if they knew what I'd been doing since January when I probably should have been studying then I'd be *soo* dead and I'd never be allowed near the internet ever again.

Another thing that is totally shot to hell by my inability to string sentences together creatively is any chance of me finishing a single story idea that I come up with. A few months back I had a *holy chorus and god rays* moment and thought of a fab YA novel idea (well at least *I* thought so). I was so excited that I spent three weeks planning and developing my idea, writing little scene snippets, thinking about my characters and whatnot. But then massive feelings of inadequacy overwhelmed me and all my motivation to work on the idea disappeared. Just thinking about how long it would take me to write out the whole story and make it believable and work properly and not be utter crap seemed like an insurmountable task and I had no clue whether I'd even have the creative energy to finish a full-length story. I still occasionally think about the idea and the characters do feel at least partly real to me, I can visualise scenes that I want to write but it's like stuffing a 5 minutes scene from a movie onto a piece of paper, there's so much in it that I wouldn't know where to start and there's no way I could describe it just how I'd imagined it.

Is it really stupid of me to get so hung up about my writing? I spend so long thinking and planning but I can never actually sit down and write out a scene, start to finish in full prose. I just can't and I have no idea why, I can do little chunks of conversation with a smattering of description but a full chapter-length scene is utterly beyond me. When I was a kid I kept saying that I wanted to be an author, but as far as I'm aware I've never finished a story of a decent length. Yea I've started a whole ruck of ideas but nothing has ever gotten into the "sit and write it out properly stage". I know lots of book bloggers also write and hearing how they're thousands of words into their WIP etc. makes me insanely jealous because I've never got even close to being able to say "I've finished the first chapter of my book".

I'm really sorry that I'm venting all this onto you folk but heck I need to get it out somewhere or I'm gonna implode from feeling so crap about my writing (or the lack of it). It'd be great if I could have someone look at something I'd written and tell me whether it's worth even bothering carrying on but I've not got anything that's long enough that I'd even contemplate showing to people. (except Jess, you totally rock BTW).

God I'm not even sure where this post is going anymore, it's massively long and has probably drifted waay off the point of my being sorry for the lack of Book Reviews. I am sorry for that but it is linked into my other problems with writing so it is still relevant. I was really only doing a post instead of doing this weeks Booking Through Thursday question because I thought it was a bit naff but my brain ran away with me and spewed out this enormous rant on my own lack of "stickability" with a book idea.

If you've been lovely enough to read all this rambling then thank you so much, any comment on my insanity, daftness whatever would be greatly appreciated, heck just a cyber-hug would suffice. I think I'm in a bit of an odd place right now and I really am a bit bemused by my own mental state.

I'll leave off wittering about here I think.


Hear ye! Hear ye! Recommend Me!

 Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Well now, if that post title didn't get your attention then I don't know what will :P

I need your help dear followers, my younger sister has set me the task of compiling a list of books that she should read and/or buy. Now her criteria is rather specific because she doesn't want to read any old type of book, oh nooo she's looking for YA, realistic, romance novels a la Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen. Weirdly since she read Twilight and had the whole "omg Edward is so awesome!" phase (which thank *gawd* has now passed) she's not been interested in the whole paranormal, vamps and werewolves side of YA literature like loads of other Twihards have been. On the contrary it was the love story which she liked most and now she wants to read books that at least have *some* romance in them, it doesn't have to be the whole focus of the book but at least a smidgin of chemistry would be lovely.

So that's the point of this post, to beg and plead you wonderful folk to help a sister out and recommend me some awesome YA realism books so I can further the literary education of my prodige. Although I know names of several authors whose books fit my sister's criteria I think it would be better to ask people who've actually read them to say whether or not they're worth a look.

Please leave any recommendations you may have in the form below (enter as many as you like!). Alas there is nothing material to be gained from this other than the knowledge that you've helped to spread your love of a particular book to someone who may enjoy it just as much as you did.

I greatly appreciate your help


A Request for you Fine Folk

Good evening all you lovely followers, I've been thinking that this here blog could do with a bit more variety and a fab way to achieve this would be to ask if anyone would be interested in doing a Guest Post for In the Library, I don't mind whether it be a review, bookish related or just a random rambling sort of post that you want to write I just would be really happy to showcase some wonderful bloggers here especially when I'm in one of my blogging funks and can't think of anything to put into a non-memeish post. 

So if anyone wants to do a Guest post for In the Library of LadyViolet, please either leave me a comment or email me at telling me what kind of post you'd like to do and on what book/topic etc. It'd be so great to get a selection of posts that I can schedule over a few weeks. 

Also I've been wondering whether it's be a good idea for me to offer my own guest posting services to other bloggers as a means of "getting myself out there" a bit more, I'm pretty shy when it's comes to emailing people I don't know and I'm not one for self-promoting on other blogs without feeling awkward.

Right Opinions? Suggestions? Requests? I'm all ears and dying to know what you think.  



Teaser Tuesdays #8

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Teaser Tuesday (what with Barbados and Road-trips and all) so it's good to be back teasing you lovely folk. :P

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of  Should Be Reading . Anyone can play along just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) "Teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
  • Share the title & author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teaser!
My Teaser
"What's to eat?" He points to the brown bag.
"You kidding? First you crash my solitude, now you want to scavenge. Where were you raised?"
"Paris," he says. "So I'm a scavenger raffiné."
page 58 of the Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

A lovely little snippet there which made me giggle (especially since the exchange takes place in a tree!).

I'm really enjoying this so far and the actual format of the book is amazing, the cover has this wonderful texture and all the little poem scraps throughout the book make everything all pretty.

So what teasers have y'all got this week??


It's Monday What are you Reading (7)

 Monday, 19 July 2010

Goooood Morning folks! I meant to get this done last night so it wouldn't be up too late today but I was too tired so here I am at half 11 scrambling to do the post before I actually get up and get on with stuff. *sigh*

It's Monday What are you reading? is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Sheila at One Persons Journey through a World of Books where we can all share what books we read last week, what we're currently reading and what books we plan on reading this week.

Books I read Last Week
 I had a pretty good reading week although I did no reviews (I'm working on at least one though)
Dreamland - Sarah Dessen. Amazing yet heart-breaking (Review Coming Soon)
A Kiss in Tine - Alex Flinn. Fun fairy-tale re-telling (Review Coming Soon)
Cracked Up to Be - Courtney Summers. Intense and intriguing (Review Coming Soon)
Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris. Fast-paced Vampy goodness 
Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman. Fantastic dystopian novel (Review Coming Soon)

Books I'm Currently Reading
Well I'm currently in-between quick reads but at some point this week I want to go back to the book I started in Barbados.

Emma - Jane Austen

Books I plan on Reading this Week
Since I have a rather large pile of books bough last week I'll probably pick up a few of those in the evenings but the following are the ones that I will have to read.

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs. This is a library book that I want to take back in a few days.

Shiver - Maggie Stievater.  I want to re-read this before my copy of Linger arrives!!

The Summer I turned Pretty - Jenny Han. My own sister has read this before me and already ordered the sequel off amazon! (I've created a monster I tell you)

The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson. I love the format of this and the story sounds amazing.

So that's the basic outline of my reading week planned, knowing me I'll either read all of them, only a few or none at all because I've chosen completely different books at the last minute but hopefully I'll be consistent.

When I can get my lazy butt into gear and actually finish some reviews I will get them posted but I have major writer's block on reviews like you won't believe. I can read books like the wind but I'll be damned if I can churn out a coherent review in under five hours. I'm sorry I know you lovely people must be getting sick of there just being memes on here.

Anyways I've gotta be off, What are You reading this fine Monday?


In My Mailbox #13 Uber haul!

 Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good morning everybody! I probably should have done this yesterday rather than having to type it all up on Sunday morning but what the heck I'm awake so I'll get it done while I can.

In my Mailbox is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Kristi @The Story Siren and was inspired by a post from Alea @Pop Culture Junkie

This week has been *vair* good for me with a pretty sizeable haul from Monday and Tuesday when my bookish  twin Jess @Jessheartsbooks and I went on a book-buying road trip. It's fair to say that we lost all willpower and went mental as we racked up 38 books between us in *TWO* days!!!

I did a vlog showing all the books I got this week although people who saw the posts from the roadtrip will have already seen the majority of the books but I did get two library books on Friday and two books were given to me by the lovely Jess *hugs*

Books Shown in Vlog
A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn
Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman
The Sky is Everywhere - Janny Nelson
Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink
The Alchemist's Daughter - Katherine McMahon
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan
Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler
Crusade - Robyn Young
The Summer I turned Pretty - Jenny Han
Dreamland - Sarah Dessen
Sister's Red - Jackson Pearce
Requiem - Robyn Young
Guitar Girl - Sarah Manning
By Midnight - Mia James

Given by Jess
Gone - Lisa McMann
Cracked up to be - Courtney Summers

Borrowed from Library
Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

So all in all a particularly good week for me, next week should be much lighter as I may only order a few books off amazon (which I need *coughLingercough*) but since I've got plenty of reading material for the next few weeks it doesn't matter too much :P

Right better be orf since I should have a cricket game today (weather be willing) so I need to get myself up soon.
Happy Sunday Folk!


Book Blogger Hop #4/Follow my Book Blog Friday #1

 Friday, 16 July 2010

Egads it's been a while since I've done a hop! I've been MIA from the blog from the end of June up to the last few days which I'm sorry for but hopefully I'll be ramping up the number of posts as I get back into the swing of things.

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books where book bloggers can find loads of other great blogs to read and meet some awesome people. 
Hello to any folk hopping on over here! Please leave me a comment and I'll be hopping around over all this weekend checking out blogs I've not seen before.

To Answer this week's question - What book am I *dying* to read right-this-instant-now-or-else?!
Well MockingJay by Suzanne Collins for one, Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead for another - I'd be willing to crack a few heads to get me copies of those right now :P (joking, really) 

I've recently spent an awesome two days with my bookish best friend Jess from Jessheartsbooks and we raided a ton of bookshops for some fabulous finds. The posts about our trip are Herehereand Here. Please feel free to have a nosy at them and I'm sorry for how insane the vlogs are :P

For the first time I'm going to join in on the Follow my Book Blog Friday event which is hosted by Parajunkee so hello to people who've arrived from there!

Happy Hopping!


Jess and Rach's Book-Hauling Trip of Awesome - The Conclusion!

 Thursday, 15 July 2010

Even with the trip being cut short we still managed to buy almost 40 books between us in just two days which is pretty good by anyone's standards. I'll now list the books we each got and show you the pics of them all laid out on the floor.

Rachel's Books
A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn
Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman
The Sky is Everywhere - Janny Nelson
Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink
The Alchemist's Daughter - Katherine McMahon
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan
Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler
Gone - Lisa McMann
Crusade - Robyn Young
The Summer I turned Pretty - Jenny Han
Dreamland - Sarah Dessen
Sister's Red - Jackson Pearce
Requiem - Robyn Young
Cracked Up to Be - Courtney Summers
Guitar Girl - Sarah Manning
By Midnight - Mia James

Jess's Books
Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld
The Magician's Guild - Trudi Canavan
The Secret Scripture - Sebastian Barry
Petals on the Wind - Virginia Andrews
Desire - Louise Bagshawe
Be Careful What you Wish for - Alexandra Potter
Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris
The Bed I Made - Lucie Whitehouse
The Forbidden Game - L.J. Smith
Into the Garden - Virginia Andrews
My Single Friend - Jane Costello
Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris
Lucky - Alice Sebold
Numbers - Rachel Ward
Hunger - Michael Grant
Cross Stitch - Diana Gabaldon
Club Dead - Charlaine Harris
My Worst Best Friend - Dyan Sheldon
The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory
By Midnight - Mia James
Flowers in the Attic - Virginia Andrews
Cuban Heels - Emily Barr

Phew! My 16 books to Jess's 22 means she wins on the quantity front but since this wasn't exactly a competition it doesn't matter all that much how many we both got. A lot of these books were from charity shops so we got some awesome bargains on books we really wanted. As much as I love Waterstones and their evil 3 for 2 offers I do much prefer to pay either Amazon prices or even cheaper for books even if that means they are not going to be top quality condition.
All 38 books in their prettiness - considering how many books we both have already we're gonna have *soo* much trouble finding where to put all these new additions.

I have loved doing this trip with my best friend especially since we don't get to see each other very often - although we're only an hour apart it's a bit too far for frequent meet-ups :( We spent so much time talking and laughing that my throat was actually quite sore by Tuesday night but heck I didn't mind.
We were incredibly lucky to have found each other as neither of us have another friend who is anywhere near as compatible and bookishly nerdy so I have to thank the Twilight Lexicon for providing the means of beginning of a most valuable friendship that I will cherish for a very long time.

Jess, I miss you already and I can't wait until we next get to meet up. Love ya hun! *hugs*
Now if you good folk will excuse me I'm going to get a cup of tea, get in to bed and watch the third Little Mermaid Film just because I feel like it.



Booking Through Thursday - Hot!

Well, folks, I don’t know about where you are, but right here, it’s HOT.
So … when you think about “hot reading,” what does that make you think of? Beach reading? Steamy romances? Books that take place in hot climates? Or cold ones?

Well oops, I was not intending to sleep nearly 12 hours.. but I woke up at half 3 in the afternoon!! Crap now I have to hope that I can tire myself out at cricket practice enough to actually be able to go to sleep tonight. *sigh*

Anyway I'm getting sidetracked. This is an interesting question, first off it *was* really hot here for about a month with no rain until... this week when the rain came back in force and it's not really stopped since Monday which totally sucks. Second, to me "hot" reading brings connotations of steamier novels since if you feel the urge to fan yourself whilst reading it then I'd call that pretty darn hot. When I read Cross Stitch (Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon I found myself checking over my shoulder when I was reading to make sure that no one else could see how saucy some of the scenes were. It's not that I'm a prude about it but I don't want people who just glance at a page and see something like that to think I read soft-core erotica novels :P

Books that get labelled as "beach reads" or "summer reading" are usually lighter, fluffier women's novels like Sophie Kinsella, Louise Bagshawe etc. but I generally don't like those type of books because the stories are not really relatable for me and therefore not that interesting. My kind of beach reading is whatever book I have with me when I happen to be at a beach, which has only occurred once as far as I can remember since I live in a county that's hundreds of miles from anything that resembles a beach. While I was in Barbados I took full advantage of being right by the beach and spend several days on a lounger reading - but I wouldn't call Daphne du Maurier "light" reading and Jane Austen isn't wholly fluffy despite some people's opinions that her books are not entirely serious. 

I can't say I've ever really paid attention to what type of climate a book takes place in because it's not something that tends to be emphasised very much unless it's important to the plot i.e. a story of an expedition in the Antarctic  where the freezing climate is a constant threat to the team's survival. But it's an interesting point to consider, I wonder what the ratio of hot climates to cold there is in the books I've read this year? I'd expect it'd be pretty small though since so many books take place in the US or UK where it's a temperate climate without massive extremes of temperature (for the most part anyway).

Right I've gotta get myself moving now since I've been asleep for most of the day and I need to get dressed and eat before cricket training in 2 hours *eep*. 

Have a good Thursday folks!


Jess and Rach's Book-Hauling Trip of Awesome - Day 2!

I've had to split up the two days worth of stuff cos the post was going to be *waay* too big with four videos and several photos as well the text.

Day 2 of our trip was staying local since in the towns around my house there are loads of charity shops and several Waterstones shops (the bane of any book lover as there's *always* something you want in the 3 for 2 offers). Firstly we went to the town closest to me and raided every single one of the charity shops on the High Street - there's about 8 or so it's crazy- and the WH. Smiths which has a really crappy selection of books although it did have a copy of Kaleb Nation's book Bran Hambric that I thought was really cool (If you don't know who Kaleb is look him up on YouTube he's so awesome). Anyways after we'd exhausted the book selling shops in that town we drove on to the bigger town nearby where we went mad in the two Waterstones there. When I say "mad" I mean totally freaking insane because we probably bought 11 books between us in just those two shops. 
We'd bought so many books in just two towns out of the previously planned FOUR that we decided to just drive back to my house and conserve our money while we were ahead. We did another vlog showing off our purchases before we went and fetched my sister from school and all of us went to see Eclipse. Much to my surprise I rather enjoyed it - it was the best out of the three so far although RPattz and KStew still irritate the heck outta me. Taylor was ah-mazing, my sister almost died of excitement when you nearly-but-not-quite see *Everything* of that incredible bod of his (yea he's a few years younger than me but hey I'm allowed to look aren't I?). Overall I was glad to have seen it although I'm not exactly going to be re-watching the dvd with much enthusiasm because I simply don't care about the series anymore, only for the eye candy :P. 

Here is the vlog of our second day's purchases.

Unfortunately we had to cut short our originally planned 3 day trip because Jess was feeling pretty ill by Tuesday evening so we took some last photos of all the books and said our goodbyes before her dad came and fetched her home. It was a massive shame that we couldn't spend Wednesday together as well because we so rarely get to see each other but at least we had an amazing time on Monday and Tuesday (despite the crappy weather). We're gonna do our level best to meet up again before I go back to Uni in September although we'll probably *not* do another book-buying spree just yet :P.
That was the box of books from just 3 hours of shopping in two different towns *facepalm* We're a menace to our bank accounts seriously.

Now I shall really go to sleep since it's quarter past 3 in the morning and I've spent nearly 4 hours working on these posts. The summary post and pictures will be up later when I'm awake again plus while I'm lazing about I'll try and update some stuff and maybe get some reviews done.

Night, really


Jess and Rach's Book-hauling trip of Awesome - Day 1!!

Right ok I know I said I would post *aaages* ago since I've been back from Barbados for over a week but it's only now that I'm able to get back to a normalish posting schedule. But I have an excellent reason for my absence - on Monday and Tuesday, my best friend Jess (From JessHeartsBooks) and I went on a little roadtrip with one purpose - buying books. Being the book addicts that we are, the mere idea of running about the country raiding whatever bookshops we can find is immensely exciting, actually getting to do it though was fantastic.

On Monday I had to get up rather early to drive and pick Jess up (we live about an hour apart) so we could both head up to a lovely little town in Derbyshire called Bakewell. We have a friend called Ellie who lives there and also runs her own second-hand bookstore (jealous? Heck knows we were :P) so we were determined to go visit her and find some books of course ;-). The one downside to the day was that it absolutely chucked it down all freaking day and since I was wearing bloody sandals I got rather wet feet *sigh*. We also went to visit Chatsworth House while we were in the area (you know in the new P&P movie when Elizabeth is in the statue room at Pemberley? That's Chatsworth and some of those statues are actually there). It was a gorgeous mansion and I wanted to take a load of photos but I was daft and didn't charge up my camera before we went so I had to be sparing with the battery and couldn't take many photos. I'll show you the good ones from the visit.

When we got back to my house we recorded a couple of vlogs for you lovely people, one explaining what the hell we were up to and the other showing off the books we bought over the day. God I apologise for the insanity of these videos - we should *not* get in front of a camera when we're together cos there will be mayhem!

This is (L-R); Jess, me and Ellie in her lovely bookshop. We spent nearly an hour talking to her and it was a terrible shame that we couldn't stay all day. Hopefully we're going to go back again later this summer for a lengthier visit when Ellie's not working. Also check out Ellie's blog Musings of Bookshop Girl where she does reviews and hilarious stories about some of her weird and wonderful customers.
This is the rack of gorgeous bookmarks in Ellie's shop which Jess gleefully raided with abandon. If she could have bought one of each she would have done it in a second.
The amazing Chatsworth House from part-way across the grounds. I actually stopped the car on the road through the estate to take this because the view driving up to the house was so fantastic.
Just for Jess- NEKKID BABY CHERUBS!!! hehe We're *soo* mature.
Of Course I had to get a picture of the library in Chatsworth although this is only a little bit of it, soo many books!

So there you have our first day of bookish mayhem, I'm sorry that this post is so unbelievably long but if you've stuck with it then well done you! Please do continue on with the second day's post (when it's up tomorrow) and once I've got that finished I'll do a final summary post actually listing properly the books we bought and I'll throw in some pictures of them all laid out on the floor.

I'm hoping also to do a Booking through Thursday Post tomorrow and I will be working on a review for Dreamland by Sarah Dessen because it had quite an impact on me and I really want to say thank you to Jess for lending me her copy to read (thankfully I now have my own) *massive hugs* for you my dear.

Right to sleep with me, I'm shattered and I'm having a massive lie-in tomorrow :D


Oh Hai, look who finally reappeared from the ether!

 Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I'm baaaack!!!! *happy dance*
Dang it is good to be back on the right side of the pond! Not that I didn't love my two weeks in Barbados but it's always great to be able to sleep in your own bed and not be worried that you're going to run out of books to read :P

I'll hopefully be doing a post specifically about my trip in a day or so and I'll show y'all some photos I took (I have a ridiculous number of pics from the West Indies vs South Africa test match but not a lot of everything else). I've also gotta catch up on reviews since I did finish four or five books while I was away.

Oh and to the winners of my 75 Followers giveaway - never fear I haven't forgotten that I still need to mail out your prizes I only got off the plane at 6:00am this morning so my brains are still pretty scrambled but I will do my best to get them posted in the next couple of days when I'll actually have my car :D

Aww crap.. I just remembered that my exam results for my first year of uni get released on the 9th July... dang so long as I've passed everything that's all that really bothers me, I just will have to work more this year since it actually counts towards my degree.

So, yea I'm gonna hopefully get back to a reasonably regular posting schedule by the end of the week but I'll have something uber awesome going on next week which will be going on from Monday until Wednesday. My awesome book twin Jess (Who's recently started her own book blog *dances*) and I will be going on a book-hauling ROADTRIP! It's gonna be a all-around awesome time and we're gonna do some joint vlogs about our bookish finds and probably do a couple of book reviews of something we've *both* read and loved - our tastes in books is so similar it's actually kinda scary. So be on the lookout for pics and posts from our shenanigans across the Midlands (there's a secret portion of our trip that I can't divulge just yet so shhh!)
Oh and Jess's book blog can be found HERE so go check it out Nao!

Right I've gotta get my unpacking done cos my room is a mess so toodles until tomorrow!!
Ever jetlagged


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