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Jess and Rach's Book-Hauling Trip of Awesome - Day 2!

 Thursday, 15 July 2010

I've had to split up the two days worth of stuff cos the post was going to be *waay* too big with four videos and several photos as well the text.

Day 2 of our trip was staying local since in the towns around my house there are loads of charity shops and several Waterstones shops (the bane of any book lover as there's *always* something you want in the 3 for 2 offers). Firstly we went to the town closest to me and raided every single one of the charity shops on the High Street - there's about 8 or so it's crazy- and the WH. Smiths which has a really crappy selection of books although it did have a copy of Kaleb Nation's book Bran Hambric that I thought was really cool (If you don't know who Kaleb is look him up on YouTube he's so awesome). Anyways after we'd exhausted the book selling shops in that town we drove on to the bigger town nearby where we went mad in the two Waterstones there. When I say "mad" I mean totally freaking insane because we probably bought 11 books between us in just those two shops. 
We'd bought so many books in just two towns out of the previously planned FOUR that we decided to just drive back to my house and conserve our money while we were ahead. We did another vlog showing off our purchases before we went and fetched my sister from school and all of us went to see Eclipse. Much to my surprise I rather enjoyed it - it was the best out of the three so far although RPattz and KStew still irritate the heck outta me. Taylor was ah-mazing, my sister almost died of excitement when you nearly-but-not-quite see *Everything* of that incredible bod of his (yea he's a few years younger than me but hey I'm allowed to look aren't I?). Overall I was glad to have seen it although I'm not exactly going to be re-watching the dvd with much enthusiasm because I simply don't care about the series anymore, only for the eye candy :P. 

Here is the vlog of our second day's purchases.

Unfortunately we had to cut short our originally planned 3 day trip because Jess was feeling pretty ill by Tuesday evening so we took some last photos of all the books and said our goodbyes before her dad came and fetched her home. It was a massive shame that we couldn't spend Wednesday together as well because we so rarely get to see each other but at least we had an amazing time on Monday and Tuesday (despite the crappy weather). We're gonna do our level best to meet up again before I go back to Uni in September although we'll probably *not* do another book-buying spree just yet :P.
That was the box of books from just 3 hours of shopping in two different towns *facepalm* We're a menace to our bank accounts seriously.

Now I shall really go to sleep since it's quarter past 3 in the morning and I've spent nearly 4 hours working on these posts. The summary post and pictures will be up later when I'm awake again plus while I'm lazing about I'll try and update some stuff and maybe get some reviews done.

Night, really


bookishbarney 15 July 2010 at 16:08  

Oh, poor Jess! So I guess book-buying doesn't cure all ills after all... *pauses to rethink entire world view* Glad you managed a good haul in the two days you DID spend terrorising the nation's bookshops though! ;-)

bookishbarney 15 July 2010 at 20:37  

Oh darn you woman! Well, both of you in fact! I dropped by to watch this vlog as well (too many people around to watch it in the shop!) and I've ended up adding, like, every book to my wishlist. Which doesn't bode well for my book-buying willpower, now, does it? Wait til Sunday for the list of books I rushed out to buy in sort-of honour of your visit...

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