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My First (two!) Awards!!

 Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wow I'm on a roll today! Two posts within an hour of each other is extraordinary! But it needed to be done since I just found out that I got awarded a *second* award by Sasha @The Sweet Bonjour (which is a fabulous name for a blog I have to say). So anyway on with the awards!!

The first award that I received was the Bliss (Happy 101) award which was passed on to me by Serpentine Librarian @The Serpentine Library

It definitely was a surprise when I got this since I've only been blogging for a very short while and I'm terribly inconsistent and don't do a good job at posting reviews. But I was very happy to receive it so thank you very much!

I now have to list ten things which make me happy:
1. My sister - clumsy crazy gal that she is
2. My boyfriend - for being so wonderful and understanding the importance of matching book covers!!
3. Books - yes they come third, I'm generally rather antisocial so books are my main refuge.
4. My best friends - especially my Twin of Oddness Jess, love ya girl!
5. Sleep - I know it sounds daft but I *love* sleep and just wish I didn't need so much cos then I'd have more reading time!
6. Chocolate - that's pretty self-explanatory really
7. Penguins - I'm addicted to these awesome creatures. Currently there are 10 penguin related items in my room, one of which is my coin purse- George :D
8. Being warm - I get cold fairly frequently so anywhere that's toasty warm is fantastic
9. Writing letters- frankly everyone should write letters more often cos it's such a fun way to talk to people and there's loads of funky paper you can get. I actually have purple ink and a quill!
10. Being totally nerdy - I am a nerd to the core and damn proud of it. I love getting the giggles when I randomly think of something that only a true dork would find funny. It's even more fun being odd with a fellow nerd :P

Now to pass it on to some more awesome people:
Sasha @The Sweet Bonjour
Sarah @Sarah's Random Musings
Briana @The Book Pixie
Erica @The Book Cellar

My second award was the Kreativ Blogger award from the aforementioned Sasha. Thanks!

I love the premise for this award- Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself and then past it on to seven other creative bloggers (I'll probably only do 3 I'm afraid since my blog roll is not quite as large as other people's may be)

#1. I'm weirdly ambidextrous - I am left-handed for writing but I play sports right-handedly
#2. One of my front teeth isn't real - I broke it with a cricket ball when I was 8
#3. I'm appallingly bad at time management - I find it nearly impossible to keep to a schedule
#4. I'm currently studying for a degree in French & Spanish - me gustan las idiomas :D
#5. I'm a pretty poor cook - before I started at university I could just about manage to heat stuff up, I'm not much better now though
#6. I'm also working on a story at the moment but I shan't be saying any more on than for a *long* while
#7. I have a rubber ball from inside a computer mouse in a film canister which is a weird kinda stress toy.

Ok enough randomosity about me!
Other Kreativ Bloggers:
Sophie @So Many Books, So Little Time (yay for Brit Bloggers!)
Carla @The Crooked Shelf
Jenny @Wondrous Reads

Well that's all for now folks! But before you go heres a fun little pic of George and me :D
Isn't he the cutest little thing you ever saw? Gotta love the French (I bought him while I was over there on a French Exchange)



Jess!,  4 February 2010 at 21:07  

George!!!! I've missed George! love the pic :) x

Christina T 7 February 2010 at 01:07  


I really like your blog. Here is another award for you!

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