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 Monday, 18 January 2010

I thought it might be a good idea get into a routine of posting on here or else I'm highly likely to let it fall into neglect very quickly and then it'll be a total waste of... something that I know not.

So I decree that Monday posts shall be reserved for ramblings of a varied nature - sometimes they'll be book related, other times they may be for random musings on things in my life (not that my life outside of the internet is terribly interesting but I like to whinge about certain things from time to time).

Today several interesting and extraordinary things happened; the first was the phone call I got this morning from my sister telling me she'd slipped over outside and may have broken her ankle (it later transpired that she had indeed broken her ankle). To me this was partly amusing because in my family it's been a long-standing joke that I am never ill nor have I ever broken any bones whereas my sister has broken the same leg twice in one year and had more time off school ill than I will ever have in my life.
 But I am still concerned for her (it's my job as the older sister) as she's got to spend tonight and possibly tomorrow night in the hospital as the Doctor's want to operate on her ankle to pin a bit of bone to her tibia to stop it "flapping about" (technical medical term quoted to me by my dad) but since it's swollen to elephantine proportions they couldn't do it today.
On the bright side for her - she gets time off school (which is always enjoyable when you're fourteen) and she gets a load of time to read. I've recently managed to get my sister reading as before she hated it but since I lent her my copies of the Twilight saga she's become semi-addicted. She's read the Twilight books almost to death (they're basically her books now since I haven't read them in ages, nor do I want to) and I've been suggesting to her other books to read.
While she didn't really get on with the Sarah Dessen books I lent her she has really hooked onto Nicholas Sparks (whom I adore) after reading his newest book "The Last Song". She actually keeps pestering *me* to read it which makes a change but since I already have a mighty stack of TBRs it's not too high on my priorities. So I suggested that she read The Notebook and the other Sparks books which I own and I got the impression when I called my dad earlier that she's commandeered all of the books and has them stashed in her room which is great, so long as she doesn't damage them by leaving them about (I'm ridiculously fastidious about the condition of my books).
It is really wonderful to be able to share the books I love with my sister because we didn't use to be as close as we are nowadays. So now that we have more things in common we have truckloads of fun together and although I'm sure she won't ever have the exact same taste in books as me, it's good to know that we can find books that we *both* love.

The second extraordinary occurrence happened this evening while I was pottering about on LibraryThing which is one of my web addictions - this website (if you don't know about it) kicks ass and is brilliant for all you book-loving nerdy crazy people out there. Well anyway I got a comment on my Profile Page from a lady called Gillian Philip who is a British author who has written a YA paranormal book called Darke Academy: Secret Lives under the pseudonym of Gabriella Poole. I read this book the other week and made a small review on my 75 Book Challenge thread. I really quite liked the book since I hadn't really known what to expect what with the plethora of paranormal books for  teens that have flooded the market in the last year. I gave it a positive review and pointed out in particular that it *wasn't* a vampire book despite what impressions the cover and blurb gave.
Well Gillian actually saw my thread and left me a personal comment on my profile (she even took the time to find my real name on the page instead of just addressing me as LadyViolet) which thanked me for my review and my comments regarding the "not a vampire book" bit and she hoped I would enjoy reading the second book Blood Ties which is released in February of this year.
This comment left me totally amazed and rather impressed, that she singled me out and personally thanked me for reading and enjoying her book and for trying to convince other people to read it. It isn't everyday that the actual author of a book takes the time to speak to their readers so this just made my afternoon.

Since I have now waxed lyrical about today I shall finish now but I shall be posting again this week as I would like to try my hand at one of the weekly memes floating about the bookblogosphere - possibly Booking through Thursday which looks rather intriguing. 



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