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 Saturday, 16 January 2010

As you may notice by the lonely post from last year, this is going to be my second attempt at keeping up a book blog. I may not succeed but I really would like to be able to maintain this for at least 6 months.
I shall try to keep things simple to begin with as so not to overload myself - I'll probably do a monthly post on what books I've bought, a weekly post about any books I've read (equipped with my rather feeble reviews), and I may even try my hand at some of the memes that other book bloggers do i.e. Tuesday Teaser, Booking through Thursday, Sunday Salon etc. Hopefully I shall find what works for me and stick to it.

With regards to my reading I'm currently partaking in two challenges on LibraryThing; the 75 Books Challenge and the Books off the Shelf Challenge, the latter is in an attempt to cut down the number of books that I own that have been unread for a very long time and the former is my general thread for all the books I read this year.

If anyone has any ideas for other things I could include in this blog please let me know in the comments - I'm not too great with the whole technical stuff like redesigning the general look and layout of the blog so any changes to that will be slight and slow-going.

I shall try very hard to post again soon after I've done some blog stalking for ideas ;)


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