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Writing Ray - Endings why you so tricky?

 Saturday, 15 March 2014

Good evening my lovelies, since I've not posted for a wee amount of time I thought I'd write something for you now. I finally finished the big reveal scene from my book today which I swear has taken me two weeks to get out (this past week has been rather emosh and stressy at work). Now I have that scene down I can start to bring the various plot threads I have together and get everything to a satisfactory end before I jump back to the beginning and write until everything meets up again.

But I have to figure out how I want to end the story, before I've actually written how it starts, I mean of course I can go back and rewrite it later once I've got everything straight in my head but I want to try and get it as right as I can on this first draft to save serious brain mashing further down the road.

Where to take it though? Do I go for a more action-y high energy climax or a more emotional ending with enough menace to carry over into the second book (there definitely will need to be one as this shit ain't getting resolved in one book)? There are several things I know need to happen but there are other bits that could happen that might have drastically different consequences for my characters.

There is also the question of do I go for a dramatic character death? If so who is on the list for the chop? Should it be a noble death or downright unfair? These are the questions I am faced with right now. Hilariously when I mentioned that someone might die to my ever-trusty Twinnie and Beta Jess, she thought of the exact same character which says something about my evil authorly intent that she's picked up from what she's read of my story so far :P

So I have some serious outlining to do and possibly about 15K of writing to get done before April starts so I can crack on with the beginning during CampNano.

Ack Endings are gonna be tricky as hell.

Word Count as of earlier - 38,567 :O

Nighty-night chaps


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