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 Sunday, 2 February 2014

So yesterday I did a wee post about my writing process and what I actually use to do my writing. If you ain't seen it then have a look here if you fancies. Today I am going to continue on this theme by talking some more about other bits and bobs that help (or hinder) my writing process.

I don't have a fancy desk and chair that I sit at to do my writing like some authors (*wistful face* one day...) I tend to just get home from work, get changed into a suitably layered heat-retaining clothing and settle into my side of the sofa with the throw blanket wrapped around me until Le Boyf gets home. During that time I naturally get lost on Tumblr for an hour or twoorthree and get no writing done at all *shakes fist* if only I could quit you...

Eventually I sort myself out and actually open up Q10 to start writing. I also fire up the fabulous website I have recently found thanks to those writing masterposts that occasionally appear on my Dash. I have been doing a lot of writing with my iPod playing the Frozen soundtrack on a literally endless loop (as anyone who follows me on twitter can attest to) but I have also been using an awesome site called Soundrown which is basically a site that gives you ten different noise loops that you can listen to when you want to block out surrounding distractions. My current favs are the Coffee Shop, Rain and Train noise loops but if you don't fancy those then there's also Waves, Birds, Nighttime, Fire, Fountain, White Noise and er, Playground (the last one feels a little creepy to me :S).

I've found that I can't really listen to music or whatever with my earbuds for prolonged periods of time without my ears hurting like a bitch so I have commandeered the fab set of headphones that my boyfriend bought which is actually a fabric headband with the audio technobits hidden inside. So I get to keep my ears warm while surrounding my head in sound *thumbs up*

Tis also freezing as frosty-themed hell in my lounge of late and I have poor circulation to my extremities at the best of times so I have to break out my fingerless gloves (which I bought waaay back in 2010 for Nano) and the fluffiest bedsocks I own in order to avoid frostbite as I write. So basically I look like this.

You're welcome.

Until Next Time guys.


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