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 Sunday, 25 May 2014

I fell off the grid a bit there. Didn't plan on doing it but my brain decided it didn't want to focus hard on writing this month so instead we went on a reading binge. That was pretty fun I'll grant you but since it was almost entirely re-reads it has further sunk my intentions to read more new books than previously read books. *quelle surprise*

I am trying to claw my way back onto the writing wagon, but real-life things have kicked me in the teeth somewhat and I may be looking at a much grimmer end to 2014 than I previously imagined. But I do still want to finish my book, damn it I will finish it this year; come hell or high water. It won't be as soon as I had hoped unless I can make June a lot more productive than May was but it *will* be done.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet because I doubt y'all fancy reading a massively long spiel about my writerly woes. I should be doing an end of May reading post soonish and perhaps another post of as-yet-undetermined subject matter. I have done a couple of book haul vlogs over on my Youtube channel so if you fancy watching those then feel free :)

Anyways hope y'all have a good Sunday and Happy Bank Holiday to the Brits.


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