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A Reintroduction of Sorts

 Monday, 9 July 2012

So this is rather unexpected...
I had thought that my blogging days were over but following a conversation with a very lovely person (who knows exactly who he is :D) earlier today I find myself logging back onto blogger (which is looking very snazzy I must say) and stretching those writing muscles to write you folks something you've not seen from me in many, many moons. A review *lays out crash mats for the overly shocked*.

Now it's a review which I'm owing and should have probably written about three months ago since I read the book in question back in April (hell, I re-read the book in June as well) but as the book is only due to be released this month I suppose the delay is a little excusable. Although only a little.

So you shall soon have the very long awaited event of an actual post of substance from me and I hope it's not a last-ditch attempt too late. I'm sorry life kidnapped me for a while there and I do hope to get back into this ol' blogging lark one baby-step at a time.

I am rather excitedly


Ellie 12 July 2012 at 14:00  

*party poppers explode, confetti showers down, a red carpet is unfurled and champagne flows*
Good to have you back with us, I'VE MISSED YOU! :D

Jess Hearts Books! 16 July 2012 at 12:54  

Ditto what Ellie said! This is awesome news *hugs Rach and blog*

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